Beauty From Pain

Dolls in the Tropic of Capricorn

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SHINJI: The Princess
Type: CP WS Moon/WS FD Body
Faceup: By Byouyuuken
Arrived: NS in August 2006, WS in August 2007.
Siblings: Ashi, Sada, Kaeda
Relationship: Kippei and Rien
KIPPEI: The Boss
Type: Luts SD NS Abadon
Faceup: By Lynsey at Crosspistols
Arrived: May 2007
Relationship: Shinji and Rien
RIEN: The Mischief
Type: ED NS Red
Faceup: Cherry Street Esthetics
Arrived: April 2007
Relationship: Kippei and Shinji
SADA: The Bug Fairy
Type: PW NS Morrimoth Girl
Faceup: Mingyi
Arrived: March 2007
Siblings: Shinji, Ashi, Kaeda
ASHI: The Brains
Type: BW CP Lishe Head / FD WS Body
Faceup: Morbidollz
Arrived: August 2007
Siblings: Shinji, Sada, Kaeda
KAEDA: The Replacement
Type: SM WS Violet
Faceup: Soom
Arrived: January 30th 2008
Siblings: Ashi, Sada, Shinji
HARUAKI: The Blind
Type: SM WS Gena head / DK WS Loon Body
Faceup: Soom
Arrived: February 2007
ASHYA: Namarrghon
Type: CP NS SS Moon Mod / FD NS Body
Faceup: Kagami
Tattoo: Healdria
Arrived: May/June 2007
Relationship: BFF Kiah
Cousins: Shinji, Ashi, Sada, Kaeda
KIAH: The Kadaicha
Type: CP WS SS Lishe Mod / FD WS Body
Faceup: Lethanon
Arrived: June/July 2007
Relationship: BFF Ashya
SANNE: The Plague
Type: DK WS Kiss
Faceup: Mingyi
Arrived: August 2007
Relationship: Trenlas, CP NS EL owned by ivanimar
RENE: The Ghost
Type: KDoll WS Karon / BG WS Body
Faceup: Healdria
Arrived: November 2007
Siblings: Lehana - twins
Relationship: In love with Lehana
LEHANA: The Possession
Type: KDoll WS Kamyu / BG WS Body
Faceup: Healdria
Arrived: November 2007
Siblings: Rene - twins
Relationship: Tyrell
TYRELL: The Lawyer
Type: Luts NS Howl
Faceup: Healdria
Arrived: December 2008
Relationship: Lehana
AFANASYA: The Immortal
Type: CP WS Juri A
Faceup: Healdria
Arrived: January 2008
Relationship: BFF Kiah
SASHAEL: The Angel
Type: DK AS Bera
Faceup: Dolkot
Arrived: January 2008
Relationship: Kit - coming soon to flamesword
INDYA: The Mutant
Type: CP WS Breakaway 2008 / FD WS Body
Faceup: Mingyi
Arrived: March 2008
Relationship: Raion - TBD
SINI: The Vampire
Type: CP WS V.Breakaway 2008
Faceup+mods: Healdria
Arrived: March 2008
Relationship: Teron - TBD
SAHRIEL: The Demon
Type: ZL WS B.R.Muse
Faceup: Dollmore
Arrived: May 2008
Relationship: Connor - TBD
TALISE: Indian Princess
Type: DM NS Bonnie / NS FD Body
Faceup: Healdria
Arrived: January 2007
Siblings: Huyana - TBA
Relationship: Donovan - Incoming
RICHARD: The Egotistical Skater Boy
Type: Iplehouse Mars Limited
Faceup: Iplehouse
Arrived: November 2008
Relationship: In Lust with Donovan and Talise
HYUN-KI: Bunny Princess
Type: CH Petite Ai Hanael
Faceup: me
Arrived: November 2007
Siblings: Adopted daughter of Rien, Shinji and Kippei.
Relationship: N/A
DONOVAN: The Hockey Star
Type: Iplehouse Akando Noctarna Circus Limited
Faceup: Iplehouse
Arrived: December 2008
Relationship: With Talise
Seth: Demon Lord
Type: Soom NS IO
Faceup: Soom - temporary
Arrived: January 2009
Siblings: Sahriel and Nefertem
Relationship: N/A
Type: SDF Wintery
Faceup: Healdria
Arrived: December 2008
Relationship: ?

Nefertem - CP SS EL
Sphear - Soom Heliot
Huyana - IH RS I
Istaqa - Narin
Arcadya - Soom Amber
Taitasi - Soom Cass
Shoshanne - Bambicrony J-Na
Misha - CP V.Elf Shushu head
Sarabi - Ed Rem. Soah head
Silence - SM G.Onyx
Zephyra - SD G.Freesia
Satya and Sabriel - SM Bygg
Riche - IH Mars
Lequoia - LD ForYou